Custom Designed Furniture and Special Projects

At 46th Street Woodworks we regularly undertake fully custom projects and commissions. We can always make a customized version of any of our products but the majority of our commission work is with custom furniture.

So many people talk to us about looking for “just the right piece.” Whether it is finding just the right, size, color or design, the advantage of working with a custom woodworker like us is you get exactly what you want.

We don’t do cabinet work but will build you a one of a kind piece of furniture to your exact design. Although we will be happy to use any materials you choose from traditional milled lumber to reclaimed barn wood we do like to specialize in whole and natural edge slab designs.

Wooden Slab Furniture

hugeslabMost furniture is built from fully milled boards that are then worked and joined to make table tops. All wooden boards obviously start out as a tree. However, instead instead of taking the conventional approach to turn the tree into standard sized boards the sawmill can simply cut the tree into slices or slabs. By using these slabs you can make furniture that allows you to see the cross section of the original tree in all its glory. Slabs come in many different sizes, some can make great coffee tables while others would need a castle banquet hall to fit a dining room table that can seat 20! Slabs can be joined in a mirror style ‘book-match’ from 2 adjacent slices to make a stunning table top. The natural state of slabs means you usually have defects which would be cut out or trimmed off in regular boards. These, however, offer the wood-artist the possibility to add accents through wooden ‘bow-ties’ and/or inlays using natural stones or metals.

We work with many local sawmills and suppliers of slabs and if you would like to design your own table we can take you to visit them and select your own slabs. We can then help you choose the appropriate base in wood or even metal to create your own very personal live slab table, bench or other item of custom furniture.

Here are just a few examples of live edge slab furniture.

Hallway or Entry Tables

Usually styled as long thin tables, no more than 12″ – 16″ wide, Entry Tables have usesĀ in many locations in a home. We build many of these using slabs but also with standard straight cut joinery.

In this example it combines both in a table with simple classic lines with the top made from a single wide, straight cut piece of traditionally milled lumber. There are many design and construction options with hallway tables, some include shelves and others resembleĀ more of a sideboard with end shelving and closed cupboards. When its a custom design it can be just as you desire.


Specialty Custom Designs

The advantage of custom designed furniture is that they can incorporate special features that would never be found in something from a store.

In this excellent example our client had a fire pit that was used for a few months during the Arizona winter but the stood idle for the rest of the year. Not only idle but without a fire it was frankly a rather rusty eye saw. We designed this beautiful aromatic cedar table top cover that fit perfectly over the fire pit base which became the legs of the table. In the winter when the fire pit was moved and in use the table could still be used as we built a simple wooden base that was then used to support the same table top.

If you have a similarly ‘knotty’ challenge, inside or outside your house, talk to use and we will help you fashion the perfect solution, in wood of course!